Essence of good sound


Cable Audio / Video

We offer audio/video cables on individual client order. Audio cables are very important element of listening track and it quality make big effect of sound, especially in hi-end audio systems. In our offer you will find connection cables: RCA, XLR, jack, digital and analogue cables. We can make practical whichever type cable, adapted to individual client's needs. Products of our company are the highest quality oriented, visual and electrical parameters both. This effects is reached by the use of only hi brand components. Both plugs and wires using in our cables are components from admitted Europe and World producers. More

Recabling / Repair headphones

No sound from headphones often does not mean that it has been irreversibly damaged. Generally only the plug or the cable is damaged. In such situations helps rejacking or recabling. In our company you can order both of these services. Rejacking is usually only done in order to repair the headphones, it is often used recabling process to improve the sound in our headphones. Headphone Cables and connectors typically used in the factory are of poor quality, so drivers do not play to your optimal level. Use of better the audio cable and connector jack allows you to achieve a much better sound. We use wires headphone minijack and jack connectors are widely used and recommended for this purpose by the lovers of good sound. More

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