Essence of good sound


About Us

The WireEssence company is a group of enthusiasts for several years engaged in the production of audio cables and repairs, modifications and recables headphones. In our offer you can find any kind of audio cables: RCA cables, cable jack, XLR cables, digital cables, cables, headphones, etc. With the manual production, we are able to perform practically any audio / video cable.

On your account have hundreds implementation, with its extensive experience of our audio cables, and rejacking recabling is done professionally and quickly, with the highest attention to quality.

Realization stages

Stage I - Fill the order form or contact us by phone

The user communicates with us via email, phone or fill out the order form.

Stage II - Confirmation of order

At this stage, we will contact with you and set the details of implementation. If in doubt, we advise you in the selection of components.

Stage III - VAT invoice and shipment of finished product

The customer receives the shipment to the address indicated on the order form.

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